Why us? Because time is money!

One company - many possibilities.

 Rental of tools and specialist installation equipment.

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See why it is worth using our offer.

The answer is simple: because we value your time. Time, which is currently one of the most scarce "commodities".

Anyone who runs a business or is involved in such a process, to the question: "What do you usually miss?", Will most likely answer: "TIME". And our company appears here.

Why should you decide to rent installation equipment?

Because you care about the aforementioned time and do not want to waste it on worrying about the technical condition of the tools you work with. Because you want to earn money, and do not deal with reviews, required by law certifications, etc. things. We will take care of these matters and you will be able to focus on the essence of your business.

Get to know our strengths

Professional advice

People who know what they are doing will take care of you. People who have the right knowledge and can help in choosing the right device.

Saving time

Professional approach to the customer and a wide range of products give you the opportunity to save time.

A wide range

The best equipment

We expand our range with the latest equipment. We choose well-known global brands.

Favorable pricing conditions

We adjust prices to the rental period. The longer you rent a device, the less you pay for it.

Clear rental rules

Possibility of transport

We can bring you rented equipment. Details are set individually.

Get to know us better

Firma FORWORK Ltd. was created to provide our clients with comprehensive services in the field of rental of specialist tools - from the proverbial hammer, through welding machines and power tools, to professional surveying equipment.

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We know perfectly well how time-consuming it is to find suppliers of such diverse equipment. We are a solution to this problem because we collect an extremely wide range in one place. In response to market needs, we are constantly striving to expand the catalog of our products. We are open to suggestions in this area because our ambition is constant development.